The Caribbean Umbrella Body for Restorative Behaviour (CURB) is the first and only Caribbean network of non-profit organisations working to assist and support criminal offenders, ex-offenders, crime survivors and their respective families.

Since it was established in 2005, CURB has embarked upon many ground-breaking Activities, including the region’s first Restorative Justice Exhibition, Restorative Justice Fund, Restorative Justice Weblog and monthly eNewsletter.

In January, 2007 the CURB Board of Directors agreed to address the ‘taboo’ subject of prison sexual abuse in commemorating Restorative Justice Week 2007.

CURB sought to make the point that sexual and other abuses of prisoners are NOT part of the sentence imposed by any Court and therefore must be eliminated. We also educated the public about the problem and consequences of prisoner abuse through editorial letters, press releases and the distribution of Stop Prison Rape brochures and multimedia.

All of these publications and resources are available online from our RJ Week 2007 Archives.

Apart from international agencies such as Stop Prisoner Rape (now called Just Detention International), in the USA and Survivors Swindon in the UK, CURB collaborated with the members of the Council of Prison Chaplains and Ministers (COPCAM), the Rape Crisis Society, Dolly & Associates Limited and other local agencies to provide support and resources for prisoners and ex-prisoners who are victimised through sexual assault while in custody.

The main activity for RJ Week 2007 was the hosting by CURB of an intensive 5-day training programme at the Church On The Rock (Morvant Open Bible Church), Corner Lady Young Road and Caledonia Road, Morvant to equip persons to effectively counsel both survivors and perpetrators of sexual assault.

CURB’s commitment to fully ventilate all issues in relation to the abuse of prisoners has led us to seek funding approval from various government ministries to conduct in-depth analysis and develop comprehensive approaches to eradicate prison sex abuse in Trinidad and Tobago.

To commence Restorative Justice Week, CURB hosted a panel discussion on ISAAC 98.1 FM on Sunday 18th November 2007 on the issue of male sexual assault in prison. This landmark discussion featured representatives of the Prison Reform Transformation Unit, Prisons Officers Association, a Behavioural Change Consultant, a Prison Ministry Volunteer and an Ex-Prisoner who witnessed a prison rape!

For audio files of these interviews including testimonies of prison sexual assault please click here.

Please Click Here for a Review of Restorative Justice Week 2007.

Photographs of the activities from Restorative Justice Week 2007 are available here.

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