St. Lucian Prisons No Picnic

In prison abuse, Uncategorized on March 22, 2008 at 6:42 am

The Star newspaper in St. Lucia recently ran a story which highlighted the challenges experienced by some inmates on remand at the Bordelais prison facility where many are forced to spend from three to four years behind bars before their cases are determined.

One woman, a 47-year-old mother of six who has been on remand since January 2005 on a charge of murdering her then employer, shared her story with the newspaper.

Uneducated and poor, she said that she only received visits from one daughter which averaged four 30 minute visits per month. Much of her time is spent waiting for her trial. While at Borderlais, she has learned to crochet to take away from the monotony of being locked up in her cell for most of the day.

Since going to Bordelais, this inmate said she had been hospitalised several times and was diagnosed with two cysts in her breasts and high blood pressure. When she is particularly stressed, the latter condition causes blood to pour from her nose and mouth.

Speaking of the food at Borderlais, the woman stated that the prison food was poorly prepared and cited instances where inmates often pick out roaches and flies in their meals!

Earlier this week, the inmate was relieved of the challenge of continuing to exist in those prison conditions when she was granted bail. However, some 16 other females remain remanded at Borderlais.

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