Mystery Death in TT Prison Of Child-Killer.

In prison abuse on May 31, 2008 at 7:12 pm

In Trinidad and Tobago, there has been yet another prison inmate death, purportedly by suicide. The latest victim is 28 year old Sunil Ali who was recently charged with the brutal slaying of 8 year old Hope Arismandez.

Arrested shortly after the little girl’s disappearance on May 24, 2008 Sunil Ali allegedly confessed his crime of rape and murder to the police and led them to the body of young Hope in a cane field. While in police custody he had reportedly indicated an intention to take his own life.

Prison sources indicated to the media that Ali was on suicide watch while on the remand section of the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca and had been placed in a cell by himself to protect him from violent attack by other prisoners. Nonetheless, Ali managed to hang himself with his bed sheet some time before 7pm on Friday 30th May 2008.

It is believed that Ali was mocked by inmates in cells around him and consequently, he may have slipped into a state of depression leading to his suicide.

CURB is alarmed at the rate of self harm which has occurred in Trinidad and Tobago prisons in recent years. We urge the Ministry of National Security to develop safe cells for inmates believed to be at risk of suicide or other forms of self harm as has been done in the United Kingdom.

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