Guyanese Prisoner in Alleged Suicide

In Uncategorized on June 30, 2008 at 11:29 am

In early June, 2008 31-year old Surindranauth Bhoojnauth was found hanging in the police cells at Mahaica in Guyana after he allegedly hung himself with his belt from the ventilation window in the cells.

This is the third alleged suicide by hanging in Guyanese police cells for the year, after 2 men were found in the Diamond and Enmore Police Station lock-ups respectively.

Relatives of Bhoojnauth have criticised police for not following procedure to remove his belt, shoe laces and other potential dangerous items when they placed him in the cell. They are also claiming that due to a previous physical injury, Bhoojnauth would have been unable to reach the ventilation window to secure the belt to hang himself.

Moreover, his relatives deny that Bhoojnauth was suicidal at all and say that he was only charged for a minor offence and had experienced greater previous challenges in life successfully.

However, they claim that Bhoojnauth was physically assaulted by police immediately before being placed in the cells and are demanding that officers on duty at the time of his death be held responsible for breaching standard police procedures.

Investigations are ongoing.

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