Suspected Small Pox Outbreak in Guyana Prison

In prison abuse on August 12, 2008 at 1:16 pm

Inmates on remand in Berbice, Guyana are complaining about an outbreak of small pox in the New Amsterdam jail. The situation has led them to clamour for early trials of their respective cases.

One prisoner who is charged with drug trafficking, appeared before Magistrate Chandra Sohan in New Amsterdam Court on Friday 8th August and claimed that he had been exposed to the disease.

Another prisoner who faces a similar drug charge was not allowed entry into the New Amsterdam courtroom as he was suspected of being afflicted. However, the inmate was kept in the holding area with other inmates.

Magistrate Sohan said the defendant’s presence would expose others to the affliction and he should not have been taken to the Court but physically isolated in order to break the chain of transmission.

Overcrowding in prisons often leads to the rampant spread of contagious illnesses among inmates, few of whom may be able to receive competent and timely medical treatment.


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