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The Police Are Still Out of Control – Frank Serpico, former NYPD Whistle-blower.

In use of force on October 31, 2014 at 10:57 am

As a fitting corollary to our previous post, we encourage you to read this article on Police Use of Force written by legendary NYPD whistle-blower, Frank Serpico.

Serpico exposed the graft within the NYPD during the early 1970s and nearly paid for it with his life after being set up by police on a fake narcotics raid. The award winning movie “Serpico” depicts his life. Oscar winner, Al Pacino, played his character.

In this article, Serpico highlights the greatest threat to the reputation of the police today. He expresses that the issue of “use of force” has surpassed that of corruption among some police forces.

via The Police Are Still Out of Control – Frank Serpico – POLITICO Magazine.

Delay in Antigua Prison Sexual Assault Report

In sexual abuse, sexual assault, Uncategorized on March 30, 2008 at 10:24 am

In Antigua, allegations of sexual harassment at Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) are being investigated by an independent committee established in early February, 2008 by the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety.

The allegations were made against Eric Henry, superintendent of Her Majesty’s Prison, by several female prison officers. Recently, however, similar allegations have been levelled against a few male prison officers.

The committee comprises Chairperson Rosa Lee, Bishop Kingsley Lewis, Sheila Roseau, director of the Directorate of Gender Affairs and Joan Moses, the committee’s secretary.

Initially the committee was to have submitted its report on 29 February 2008. However, an extension was granted to 31 March 2008. According to Minister Derrick, a press conference will be held subsequent to the release of the report, at which time the members of the committee will discuss their findings.

Henry has had these allegations levelled against him since July, 2007 but it was only in January, 2008 that several female officers spoke out to the media and alleged that they were propositioned by the prison superintendent.

CURB hopes that justice is done in the aftermath of this investigation and encourages the Antigua media as well as Minister Derrick to initiate an inquiry as to whether prisoners in Antigua have also experienced sexual assault and abuse from male prison officers.

Inmates represent a voiceless population and may well have endured similar or worse assaults but do not have the ear of the media to ventilate their woes.

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